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Prudentia`s mission is to develop financial literacy in society

Prudentia aims to contribute to the society through different educational activities that promote financial literacy, encourage public debate about the value of a company, and support local entrepreneurship, thus raising the competitiveness of the Baltic region.

In April Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Prudentia, conducted a training seminar on the sales process of a company. During the seminar, Illar Kaasik, Managing Partner at Prudentia Tallinn, spoke about how and when it is reasonable to start a company's sales process, what the sales object may be and the form of the transaction, which partners should be involved for the successful completion of the transaction, how the company's value is assessed, etc.The training was Prudentia contribution to raising awareness of entrepreneurs how to carry out the sales process of a company.

Cooperation with the leading Baltic education institutions has evolved into a great tradition. During the guest lecture at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Prudentia employees from Riga and Tallinn offices presented the case study of the acquisition of Interneto vizija by Miss Group, co-organized by Prudentia in 2020. Guest lectures at the universities is Prudentia`s contribution to the educational activities and academic and professional growth of students.

Prudentia Riga office is a long-term partner of the nation-wide initiative - Mission Possible. Main aim of the project is to establish education as a value in Latvia through helping talented higher education institution graduates to become inspirational teachers and future leaders. The objective of Mission Possible is to raise the status of the teacher profession and to boost students’ motivation to study and become active members in, and builders of, society. In addition to financial contributions to this program, Prudentia has actively contributed with the competence and participation in educational activities within the project.


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