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Changes in the Management Board

Reinis Martinsons, the Board Member of Prudentia has left his position in the Board on the 15th of July of this year to redirect his efforts to the decentralised financial technology sector.

R. Martinsons joined the Prudentia management team in 2006 and has aided the company in its fast growth, improving its financial and governance operations as well as leading some significant Baltic M&A deals in the process.

R. Martinsons: “I want to thank my colleagues at Prudentia as well as my clients for the experience I have gained. I believe that the professionalism and ambition of the Prudentia team will lead to continued growth of the company and cement it as one of the leaders of the Baltic M&A market.”

From July 21, 2021, Elina Morozļi will be appointed as a Member of the Management Board of Prudentia. The overall competence of the board will be expanded through Elina’s extensive experience in the finance sector with regards to organisation and business development.

Likewise, Kārlis Krastiņš will be continuing his work as the Chairman of the Board of Prudentia.


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