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Advising on the restructuring of DeRoyal Estonia business operations

DeRoyal Industries Inc, an international manufacturer and marketer of healthcare products, turned to Prudentia to find the best solution for the group's production facility in Tallinn. With professional assistance from the Prudentia team, the optimal output was found in the restructuring process of DeRoyal Estonia - a company that until then was active in specialised industrial sewing.

In the first phase of the project, we screened the Estonian market with the aim of finding a new owner for the industrial sewing factory. Based on the results of the first phase, we adjusted the goal in the second phase in order to find the most optimal use for the company’s assets. By the end of the second phase, the customer had two options - either to sell the real estate or sign a long-term lease agreement with a strong tenant. Thanks to a good cooperation and the customer's professional and flexible decision-making process, the best possible output for the assets was quickly found.

Timothy W. Knisley, Chief Financial Officer at DeRoyal Industries, Inc: “Prudentia found us a tenant in a very quick and timely manner. Was very professional during the whole process.”

Illar Kaasik, Managing Partner at Prudentia Tallinn: "Prudentia was happy to carry out an assignment with flexible goal setting to find the optimal solution for the company's assets."

Tiina Sõber, Analyst at Prudentia Tallinn: "The DeRoyal transaction is a good example of how good cooperation and an open mind set to different solutions by the customer will ultimately lead to the best outcome."


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