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The founder of Prudentia Jānis Lielcepure leaves Prudentia and focuses on private business

The founder of Prudentia Jānis Lielcepure together with the rest of Prudentia Partners agreed on buying out the stake owned by Jānis Lielcepure. After 21 year working in Prudentia Jānis Lielcepure will now on focus on his private projects.

Kārlis Krastiņš, the managing Partner of Prudentia: “Since the foundation of Prudentia Jānis Lielcepure has been one of the key persons and he has made an essential contribution in developing Prudentia. His knowledge, contacts, managed deals and contribution to Prudentia’s finances and corporate image have been very significant. I wish Jānis to continue his private project development as successfully as it was in Prudentia.

From now on Prudentia will be owned by 5 Partners: Kārlis Krastiņš, Ģirts Rungainis, Reinis Martinsons, Juris Eizentāls and Ivars Pinkulis.

Prudentia continues to develop on a Baltic level and as of March 2020 Prudentia has its own office in Tallinn. A productive cooperation for many years between Prudentia and one of the oldest and the most professional corporate finance companies Investment Agency has led to an expansion of Latvia’s brand in Estonia. The strategic cooperation between Prudentia and Investment Agency has resulted in the foundation of one of the biggest corporate finance professional teams in the Baltics with 14 professionals sharing the same vision about the capital market in the Baltics.

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