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Prudentia brand is now also present in Estonia

Prudentia expands its business in the Baltics – starting from March Prudentia will have an office in Tallinn. A productive cooperation for many years between Prudentia and one of the oldest and the most professional corporate finance companies Investment Agency has led to an expansion of Latvia’s brand in Estonia.

The strategic cooperation between Prudentia and Investment Agency has resulted in the foundation of one of the biggest corporate finance professional teams in the Baltics sharing similar vision about the capital markets.

Similarly as Prudentia, Investment Agency is one of the first corporate finance companies in Estonia with 20 years of experience in closing M&A deals. The significant professional experience and many contacts in the Baltics adds an essential value for Prudentia’s existing and future clients.

Managing Partner in Prudentia Latvia Kārlis Krastiņš: “Traditionally the Baltics has been considered as a uniform market, and the economic cooperation between Baltic companies, as well as reciprocal investments exceeding several billion euros have been the main reasons for Prudentia to continuously operate in Estonian and Lithuanian markets. Therefore, the decision of Investment Agency to join Prudentia’s brand is considered a logical step, so that clients of Prudentia will have an access to local market expertise provided by the Baltics leading financiers.”

“As one of the first examples of cooperation, Prudentia will present first ever TOP101 most valued Estonian businesses, compiled by Prudentia and Nasdaq. The idea behind the project is to create public debate on the value of businesses and value creation in general, “ notes Indrek Uudeküll, Partner in Prudentia Estonia.

The ambition of both companies in near future is to develop a strong Prudentia agency in Lithuania, that way Prudentia brand becoming the leading M&A player in the Baltics.

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