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Prudentia organized the share sales process of KMK Projekts - leading provider of traffic safety pro

Within a very short period of time - only during the 5 months, transaction for sale of 100% shares of KMK Projekts, leading provider of traffic safety products and permanent road marking in Latvia, to German market leader AVS Verkehrssicherung has been organized by Prudentia.

In January 2018 the control stake of AVS Verkehrssicherung was acquired by investment fund Triton Partners. The 35 companies currently in Triton Partners portfolio have combined sales of around 13 billion euro. Purchase of KMK Projekts shares was the first deal after AVS Verkherssicherung acquisition by investment fund and the first investment in the Baltic States.

Prudentia served as exclusive financial advisor to KMK Projekts in its sale to AVS Verkehrssicherung.


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