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Prudentia M&A Folio: the Baltic M&A deal count has been growing annually by 22.6% since 2013

Prudentia M&A Folio report shows that 186 Baltic M&A deals were announced in 2016, which is by 13 deals or 7.5% more compared to 2015. The increase of M&A deal activity in 2016 is not surprising since such a positive end of the year was forecasted in the previous Prudentia M&A FOLIO. It is worthwhile mentioning that compound annual growth rate since 2013 is 22.6%, therefore it can be expected that year 2017 has a potential to outperform the very successful 2012 when 212 Baltic M&A deals were announced.

Rather different picture can be seen in the global M&A market – USA together with Canada and Europe (the largest markets in terms of total deal value) experienced a decrease in both total deal count and value. Also in Asia deal count and value have progressed negatively, except Japan, which showed a positive trend in both measures.

This time in the Prudentia M&A Folio industry expertise the potential merger of life science company Bayer and American agrochemical and agriculture product supplier Monsanto is analyzed. The publicly available information shows that Bayer will acquire approximately 438 M Monsanto shares for 56 B USD. If the involved competition councils will affirm this merger to be non-harmful to competition then a new company will be established, which will be the largest seed supplier in the world and a pioneer in agricultural biotechnology. It must be noted, that Monsanto subsidiary The Climate Corporation acquired Estonian VitalFields in November 2016, which provides management software for the European farms. The industry expertise examines all pros and cons, because, without any doubts, the merger consequences will be felt by all agriculture sector, although the direction of this effect is quite contradictory due to many different scenario speculations.

It is possible to read the full Prudentia M&A Folio here: Prudentia M&A Folio (492.45 KB)

Prudentia M&A Folio is a review of the mergers and acquisitions in the Baltic States, issued quarterly. General market tendencies are discussed within the scope of the review. Furthermore, Prudentia gives its expertise regarding the most appealing M&A sectors in the Baltic States.

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