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Andžs Melderis becomes the owner of Prudentia Energy Markets

Prudentia has closed a deal by selling its energy resources management company Prudentia Energy Markets. Andžs Melderis who is a longtime employee in "Prudentia Energy Markets" will become the new owner of the company.

"Already since its foundation "Prudentia Energy Markets" has successfully operated in the specific energy resources management industry and the operations of both companies have been mutually independent. We have came to a moment when the sale of the company is a logical step towards its continuation of development," Kārlis Krastiņš who is the chairman of the board in Prudentia elaborated on the deal. "By changing the ownership structure the present company will change its name to PEM Consulting. At the same time there will be no changes in the working process of the team, we will continue to provide our services to our clients, concentrating our attention towards the management of electrical energy procurement," emphasized Andžs Melderis.

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