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Prudentia M&A Folio: Baltic companies are becoming increasingly demanded by foreign investors

At the beginning of this year the Baltic merger and acquisition (M&A) deal market shows a positive trend - in the first four months of 2017 77 Baltic M&A deal announcements were made, which is an increase of 13 transactions or 20% compared to corresponding period in 2016. Baltic companies are becoming increasingly demanded by foreign investors, which is directly reflected in the Baltic M&A market activity, where 57% of total deals in the first four months were announced together with a non-Baltic counterparty.

Within the Prudentia M&A Folio expertise part we continue the topic of timely and prudent ownership change, which was discussed in Prudentia and NASDAQ Riga organized TOP 101 Morning debates. This time the focus is on family-controlled businesses, which are among the most widespread businesses in the world with a strong dominance in China, India and the Middle East. But also for family businesses M&A aspect and change of ownership is a crucial problem and challenge for business development.

Ģirts Rungainis, Prudentia partner:"It would be incorrect to believe that the only management scenario of the family business is an absolute family control, since the majority of companies in Europe are choosing in favor of a simultaneous involvement of family and non-family professionals in the company's management."

It is possible to read the full Prudentia M&A Folio here: Prudentia M&A Folio (285.46 KB)

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