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Prudentia has attracted investor to the leading television company in Latvia


Prudentia conducted the development scenarios and attracted strategic investor to one of the leading television channels in Latvia. Television business in the Baltic States faces many challenges - there is a huge competition for advertisers not only among the direct competitors, but also other platforms and technologies. Therefore, Prudentia is very proud that the aim was achieved and in 2012 an investor for LNT was attracted - Sweden's media company Modern Times Group (MTG).

Ģirts Rungainis: "Attracting a strategic investor to LNT has allowed them to become the leading television" 


LNT is the only privately owned television company that has been build from scratch and has grown to one of the most popular television channels in Latvia. In 2012 we helped their management to attract a strategic investor - MTG group, which by the time already owned TV3 television in Latvia

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