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Prudentia prepared business valuation provides a detailed overview of the company’s financial position, helps to make informed business decisions and also to prepare for possible future transactions, even if you do not plan to implement them soon.

Situations when a proper understanding of the company’s value is critical to the achievement of both personal and business goals:

  • Business development and expansion

  • Sale of the company

  • Succession planning
  • Implementation of the exit strategy
  • Asset protection

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TOP 101 of Latvia’s Most Valuable Enterprises is socially important initiative since 2005, organized by Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga. TOP 101 of Estonia`s most valuable enterprises was officially launched by Prudentia and Nasdaq Tallinn in 2020.This initiative is based on a wish to encourage public debate about the value of a company and help to understand motives of purchasing, selling and merging companies, the competitiveness of Latvian and Baltic region, strengthening the understanding of the value of the company as an important reference point for further development.

Since September 2021 Prudentia Tallinn in cooperation with Sienna Siena Secondary Fund provides TOP 30 of Estonia's most valuable Tech companies.  The mission of the TOPTech ranking is to incorporate the most valuable Estonian technology companies, bringing public attention to their contributions

Financial Analysis and Company Valuation

The purpose of an independent company valuation is to help the entrepreneur to understand the true value of the business and its influencing factors. Such an assessment can become the basis for important decisions, because only the entrepreneur who knows the true value of his business can fully use the opportunities offered by the market.



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