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Aleksandrs Sverdlovs

Senior Financial Analyst

Riga, Latvia

TEL.: +371 67212324

MOB.:  +371 20224432

Aleksandrs Sverdlovs is a senior analyst at Prudentia. He joined the Prudentia team in 2021. Before that, Aleksandrs held various positions in Latvian banks. Aleksandrs started his career at Swedbank in Latvia, specializing in credit and leasing management for corporate and private clients.


Aleksandr's main responsibilities at Prudentia are financial and qualitative data analysis of companies, preparation of marketing materials, identification of potential companies or investors to be acquired and evaluation of companies. Aleksandrs has successfully managed several company valuation processes and participated in several company acquisition and merger projects.

Aleksandrs is in charge and leads the evaluation in the socially important initiative TOP101, where he coordinates the work with the Prudentia office in Tallinn and cooperation partner NASDAQ Baltics.


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