Prudentia is the member of Global M&A Partners - leading world-wide organization of independent M&A  consulting firms

Global M&A Partners is a partnership of independent investment banking firms all gathered together to offer to their respective clients premium services for their goals completion. With offices in more than 50 countries across 5 continents, Global M&A Partners are represented in all key markets, and use a common infrastructure to deliver seamless access to the best buyers, investors, sellers and opportunities around the globe. Over the last 5 years, Global M&A advisors have closed more than 150 transactions with an aggregate deal value of more than € 42 billion.



independent investment banking firms





professional deal makers`  team





languages spoken, multicultural expertise





more then 1500 transactions over the last 5 years with an aggregate deal value of more than € 42 billion




 Global M&A selected recent deals

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